Whittemer House

Whittemer House

Just finished up planning details for my night photography workshop in the Kansas Flint Hills.  I must say there is something about night photography that I really enjoy, the sense of mystery, the vastness and beauty of the night sky, all making one realize how insignificant we are in relation the universe.

Exploring subject matter and doing a little night photography in preparation for my workshop made for a cold and lonely night.  That is one of the drawbacks.  Late nights, especially in the summer months when it does not get dark until late, can really mess with your sleep pattern.  But I must say the reward can make it all worthwhile.  If you are out alone though, the darkness can be rather spooky.  On this night there were horses out in a pasture at this location.  I knew they were there but they mostly stayed a couple hundred yards away.  After setting up one camera to take multiple continuous shots to potentially be used in a time lapse sequence,  I retreated to my vehicle to relax.  It was cold and a little windy so I thought I would warm up and check my email on my phone.   After about 10 minutes relaxing in my car something banged on the side of my truck.  Scared the bejeez out of me.  Turns out the horses must have gotten curious and decided to pay a visit and bump my truck as if to say, BOO!  Well, it worked.  I jumped out of the truck to see what or who was there.  I then noticed a group of four or five horses begin to wander off, probably engaging in a little horse’s laughter among themselves, having succeeded in spooking the visitor.  Having someone else along has a number of benefits, if for no other reason than combatting loneliness and warding off those unsuspecting bumps in the night.

Notwithstanding the interesting experiences of the evening, I came away with a few images and was able to compile this brief star trail/Milky Way time lapse.

Hope you enjoy….Comments and shares welcomed. 🙂

if interested in attending this comprehensive classroom and field workshop, August 19-20, 2017, check out the details at this here:  NIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY IN THE KANSAS FLINT HILLS

8 Comments on “Whittemer House

  1. Great post and photos. I love the time lapse too. You have great patience to wait that out, it was definitely worth it and worth the horse pranks. Speaking of horses, I was taking a night shot of a barn when I felt the presence of someone. When I turned there were a couple of horses standing about 2 feet away from me. They snorted which was probably their way of laughing at the dumb human.

    • Thanks Rich. Yes, those horsed can sneak up rather quietly. I admit, the dark night photography done alone can be a little spooky at times.

    • Thanks Otto. There always seems something special about night photography and being under the stars. Many people in the city, amazingly never appreciate the pleasure of such a view.

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